Photographs I have taken on my travels

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Carriers of sheep bells by Paddy Woodworth
Curving sierra: the ysios bogeda in the Rioja Alavesa region.
A medieval town in a post modern frame.
No boys for the girls: the danzarines in Laguardia's fiestas are all female.
The trees have a thousand eyes: Agustin Ibarrola's Enchanted Forest in Oma.
Young dancers perform at a fiesta in Hernani.
Guardian of the family archives: Pio Caro Baroja in the library in Itzea.
The miradores of the Plaza Santiago in Bilbao.
Oxen at the agricultural fair in Asteasu
Cavalry woman and General
Presenting arms: cavalry from the 'traditional' (men only) Alarde in Irun.
Enjoying the Alarde: a family in Irun, dressed for the occasion.
Fashion at fiestas: a woman fixes her friends hair at Irun's Alarde.
The eye of the law: the 'mixed' Alarde in Irun gets the protection of riot police
Mountain high: the summit of Amboto
All hours strike; the last one kills - the motto of the church in Sara
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